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Yearbook FAQs


How Do I Purchase a Yearbook?

A TreeRing account is needed to purchase a yearbook. You can set up a TreeRing account by using the school's passcode.

•   Go to

•   If you are a first time user, enter your school's passcode and select Confirm.

•   If you already have an existing TreeRing account, select Log In.

1.      When you enter your school's passcode and select Confirm, on the next screen you will see the name of the school. Make sure the correct school is showing. Enter your first name, last name, email address, password, and select your role at the school (Student, Parent, Teacher, Administration, or Other). Click on Get Started.

2.      Enter the information for your child. Middle names and email addresses are optional. Select Next.

3.      Add School Year Details. Select the correct school, your child's Grade and Teacher in the dropdown.  Select Next.

4.      Confirm your information. Review your child's information to make sure it is correct and   then select Next.

5.      Welcome to TreeRing! Select Lets go!

6.      Now is a good time to purchase your yearbook so you don't forget! Select Checkout and follow the prompts to complete your purchase. Select Buy Later if you want to purchase the book later.


School Passcode

The school passcode is provided by your school and is included on yearbook flyers which may be emailed to you or sent home with your child.


On the main area of your homepage you can:

1.      Buy a Yearbook - Select Add to Cart to begin the process to buy a yearbook for the current school year.

2.      Create Custom Pages - Select Build Custom Pages to create your child's custom pages.

3.      Signatures - Sign a Friend's Yearbook or Request a Signature. Signatures can be added to custom pages.

4.      Share Photos - Select Share Your Photos to see photos from your school community and to add shared photos of your own.

A Kid Switcher is at the top of the main area. This is where you can select between your children to purchase the correct book and create custom pages.



Can I Purchase a Yearbook from a Previous Year? YES!


1.       Log in and you will land on Kid Yearbooks in the left navigation bar. In the main area of your homepage your child will be listed at the top. If you have more than one child at the school, use the Kid Switcher to select the correct child for the order.

2.       Scroll down to the previous yearbook that you want to buy. Select Add to Cart.

You can create custom pages for previous school years by selecting Build Custom Pages. You must create the pages before you place the order or they will NOT print in the book.



Can I Update My Children In My Account? YES!

You can:

1.      Add Additional Children

2.      Add or Change Your Child's Teacher

3.      Update School Year for Your Child



How Do I Upload Photos for the Yearbook?

You can upload your photos: Private And Shared Photos.


Uploading Photos in My Photos

1.      Log in to the TreeRing website: and select My Photos in the side navigation bar.

2.      Select where you want to upload the photos. (You can also just select Add Photos on this screen to begin the process.)

•   My Private Photos - only you will be able to see and use these photos

•   My Shared Photos - these photos will be seen and available for use by the school community.

•   All My Photos - any photo you have uploaded (private or shared) will be here

3.      Once you have selected the photo folder, select Add Photos.

4.      Drag and drop your photo or select a photo source where the photo is saved.


•   Google Drive

•   Google Photos

•   Facebook

•   Dropbox

•   Instagram

•   My Computer


5.      Once you find and select the photo, decide if you want to share the photo with your school. Select Yes - I want to share if you want the photo to be uploaded to a shared folder. Select No - Keep 'em private if you do not want anyone else to see or use your photo.


6.      You can tag your child, add a caption to the photo, see the photo details, and delete the photo. Select Close when you are done.

Note:  If you tag your child, the editors creating the yearbook will be able to search your child's name to find their photos. This helps the editors when trying to include all students in the yearbook.


Uploading Photos to be Shared With the School

1.      In the main area of your homepage, scroll down to Share Photos. This is where you will be able to see shared photos from your school community and add your own photos.

2.      Select Share Your Photos.


Custom Pages

You can also upload photos when you are editing the custom pages.

1.       Select Photos.

2.       Photo Sources will open. Select your photo source. From this location you can add a blank photo frame to the custom pages.



Can I upload my photos to shared folders on mobile devices? YES!

You can upload photos to shared folders while on your phone or tablet using the TreeRing iPhone App, Android App, and mobile browser.


iPhone and Android Apps

1.       Download the TreeRing App from the App Store or Google Play.

2.       Log in and scroll down to Share Photos. Select Share Your Photos.

3.       Select Shared Photo Folders.

4.       Select the Shared Photo Folder where you want to upload the photo (specific folders: Storybook Parade, grade-level programs and field days, Carnival, Enrichment, etc.).

5.       Select Add Photos.

6.       Select the photo source where your photo is saved.

7.       Select the photo and then Add Photos.

8.       You will see that your photo has been added to the Shared Folder.


Mobile Browser

TreeRing can be accessed on a browser on a mobile phone and tablet. We recommend that you download and use Chrome Browser.

Uploading photos is the same process whether you are using a mobile app or on a mobile browser. Another way to upload photos to shared folders is in My Photos.

1.       Open the menu.

2.       Select My Photos.

3.       Select Add Photos.



How Do I Customize My Pages and what can I add?

Once you have purchased a yearbook for a certain year, you can begin to customize the pages for your child at any time. Log in to your TreeRing account and select “Edit Book”.

You can do:

1.      Add Graphics to your custom pages.

2.      Add Memories and Photos.

3.      Add Signatures (sending, receiving and requesting friend’s signatures with a personal message).

4.      Add Text and change the background.

5.      Set your pages to “Print Ready”.



What Is the Deadline to Upload My Photos and Customize My Pages?


When Do I Receive My Yearbook?

All yearbooks will deliver to Overton Park Elementary for pickup before the start of the next school year.



Thank you,

Abby Pitzer

Mary Clay Gupton

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