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Homeroom Representatives

Our school is a special place for so many reasons! One being the involvement and support of parents, grandparents, and grand friends. It is something that sets us apart and creates a sense of community. This year Room Reps will be especially important because communication is critical. Our school, our staff, our students, and our Overton Park community is one of a kind. Please consider getting involved by serving as your child’s Room Rep!

What is a Room Rep?

A room rep is a parent volunteer that serves as the classroom secretary and party planner. Room reps coordinate classroom parties/events, and most importantly are responsible for all communication. As a room rep you will need to regularly check your email and quickly send updates and info to the classroom parents.

How much work is involved in being a Room Rep?

Being a room rep is a dedication and it is part of what makes our school so special. Room Reps will need to be available to assist teachers and forward emails to parents in a timely manner. There are also events throughout the year in which room reps are responsible for helping with coordination and decorating.

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