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Safety/Carpool Guidelines

Below is our drop off and pick up rules and regs.


  • The carpool line may be slightly slower at first until everyone gets back into the swing of school.

  • Please do not try and make a right turn onto Briarhaven from Kingsridge.

  • Please remain patient with us and each other.

  • Do not u-turn on Briarhaven, Kingsridge, or even Library Lane.

  • Utilize the main crosswalk where our campus monitor, Mr. Dancer can assist you in crossing safely.

  • Mind your speed.

  • Mind your surroundings while coming and going from Beth-El's parking lot. There is always a lot of families that use this area!

  • Remind your owls if they will meet you or if you will be in the carpool lane.

  • The staff lot is for OPE staff only. (exception- those in the ECSE classroom or need the use of the handicapped spaces)

  • Please see image below as a reminder of where not to park across the street.

Carpool Line and Crosswalk Safety:

For the safety of all, there are NO U-TURNS allowed during drop-off or pick-up in the carpool lines!

Please help remind the kids to walk across the street and always use the crosswalk. Parents- this goes for you all, as well. :) Please help set the example and always use the main crosswalk.

OPE Parking Lot is for Staff ONLY:

Please be considerate of this policy. Please do not drop off students in the lot, even if you are running late. Students need to be dropped off in the appropriate spots for everyone's safety!


Please be aware that the parking lot adjacent to OPE is for staff members only. The only exceptions to this are:


1. If you have a child in the Early Childhood Special Education class.

2. An auction parking spot.


Thank you for adhering to this.

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